Create a free legal website or blog in Kenya

Steps on how to create a free legal website or blog in Kenya


  1. An email. Visit to get one

As soon as you completed the site creation with you should have received an email from the Team with some details on how to log into your account and begin working on your site.(as seen in the video above)

You can log in to your user panel if you go to /wp-admin/. Which will look like

Use the access credentials that you’ve set when creating the website. (Which can also be found in the email sent to you).

After logging in successfully, you’ll see the main dashboard to you website:

  1. Home will always take you back to the dashboard
  2. Articles is where you write your articles/blog posts
  3. Media – upload/manage images and other media files here.
  4. Pages – go here to create sub-pages. Like homepage, about or contact us pages
  5. Comments – this is where you can moderate comments.
  6. WpForm – This is where you can create contact forms, appointment forms or any other form