Category Workspace

Planning and Organization for Teams

Deck app in the Workspace is a workflow management method for defining, managing, and improving services that deliver knowledge work. It aims to help you visualize your work, maximize efficiency, and improve continuously. Add your tasks to cards and put…

Document Editing and Collaboration

The workspace Office Suite allows you to view, edit and collaborate on text documents, spreadsheets and presentations within files using the Office Suite. This allows multiple users to co-author (work on the same documents in real time with a chat…

Calendar app

Calendars are easy to personalize, depending on your work habits, access to technology and other preferences. With the calendar you can Color code your various schedules —to easily distinguish where you spend your time.       Integration with other Workspace apps!…

Note Taking Feature

The Notes app is a distraction free notes taking app for Workspace. It provides categories for better organization and supports formatting using Markdown syntax. Notes are saved as files in your Workspace, so you can view and edit them every time you log in to your Workspace account.

Email App

 A mail app for Workspace Integration with other Workspace apps! Currently Contacts, Calendar & Files. Multiple mail accounts! Personal, and ? No problem, and a nice unified inbox. Connect any IMAP account. Send & receive encrypted mails! Using the great Mailvelope browser extension.